RGS helps your organization provide effective and supportable weapons and tools to war-fighting organizations.

We provide experienced managers and subject matter experts to government clients in key areas of systems acquisition:

Acquisition Logistics

RGS provides logistics analysis and management support to ensure the supportability of complex systems:

  • Business case analysis for performance-based logistics decision making
  • “Should-cost” estimates to support acquisition planning and documentation
  • Evaluation of reliability specifications in light of supportability
  • Adaptation of sustainability metrics for dashboard reporting
  • Configuration management planning

We make sure that logistics products meet the demands of each phase of the acquisition process – and we keep our focus on the ultimate supportability, logistics performance, and ownership cost of the deployed system. 

Business and Financial Support

RGS provides the full range of business and financial support services that are essential to government clients executing major defense acquisition (ACAT I) and high-visibility programs:

  • Executing budget reviews

  • Preparing budget exhibits

  • Developing Budgetary Objective Classification Systems (BOCS)

  • Providing financial data essential to support senior-level program decisions

RGS regularly prepares flag-level presentations on the financial health and integrity of major acquisition programs.

We help clients maintain financial data using standard government financial systems (e.g., Program Resources – Integrated Solutions Management System (PRISMS) and Standard Accounting and Reporting System (STARS)) as well as tailored systems.

We also track appropriated dollars while our financial analysts ensure that funds are properly allocated according to the detailed spend plans, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and accounting standards.

Resource Sponsor Support

RGS provides the full range of resource sponsor support services to government clients responsible for managing major defense acquisition (ACAT I) and high-visibility programs. We effectively serve our government clients by ensuring that the programs are properly funded, system requirements are captured and validated, and acquisition milestones are achieved. Our specific services include:

  • Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution (PPBE) support
    • Managing and updating authoritative financial data repositories with current and accurate program resource information

    • Ensuring emerging system requirements are properly assessed and costs are accurately estimated

    • Preparing funding and issue briefings for executive leadership


  • Requirements Support
    • Overseeing and coordinating the requirements development process

    • Developing requirements-related acquisition documents (e.g., Initial Capabilities Documents, Capability Development Documents, Capability Production Documents)

    • Assessing and validating funding ramifications related to proposed requirement changes

  • Acquisition Milestone Support
    • Preparing milestone decision briefings

    • Ensuring the program has satisfied all milestone requirements leading to the milestone decision

    • Coordinating with stakeholders and Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) to ensure proper program/milestone scheduling

Strategy and Policy

RGS ensures the success of both Acquisition Category (ACAT) and non-ACAT programs providing strategic planning and competency alignment to senior program managers. RGS helps customers acquire and deploy effective and supportable systems within budget and schedule constraints. We will help you to:

  • Mobilize strategic approaches to meet known and emergent organizational needs
  • Align talent management to work within your legacy institutional guidelines

  • Implementing peer consulting, taking advantage of social networking platforms for executives to collaborate on enterprise challenges