Sonia Woolf

Senior Consultant

Sonia joined RGS in 2013 as a SharePoint administrator supporting the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer (ODCMO). In March of 2014, Sonia began working with NAVSEA as a SharePoint training coordinator.

Since starting at RGS, Sonia has been continuously involved in corporate activities and events including donating to the RGS United Way Campaign silent auction, co-chairing the 2015 Annual Awards Banquet Committee, and being a new hire sponsor.

Sonia received her AA in Business from American Intercontinental University in 2005. She is currently pursuing her BA in eBusiness from Ashworth University. Sonia is a certified Microsoft SharePoint Specialist and Appian Designer, and is a recognized member of the 2013 Great Team Award.

Sonia resides in Mineral, VA with her menagerie of animals – three boxers, five cats, two parrots and one iguana. She enjoys music, quilting, hiking, and camping.