Matt Parnell


Matt joined RGS in 2008. One of the first attributes that attracted Matt to RGS was the immediately-recognizable culture that values development of the “well rounded employee”; he believs that not only do we embrace our commitment to providing world-class services to our clients, but as a company we recognize and encourage the personal responsibilities we have as friends, as colleagues, and as active members serving in our communities.

Matt was awarded the 2010 RGS President’s Award for his relentless efforts both in and out of the workplace. His professional experience includes a variety of Navy client projects, each with their own socially-conscious component: he’s helped modernize the Submarine Alternation Process by introducing software to a previously complex paper-based process; he’s assisted with the development of a Preferred Supplier Program that incentives high quality, socially responsible government contractors; he’s also played a vital role in the Energy Coordination Office where he’s worked to make the Navy more energy efficient, reducing the cost (in both dollars and lives) of our country’s dependence on foreign oil. Beyond his client responsibilities, Matt serves as the Chairman of RGS’s Social Capital Development Committee, an internal team that organizes regular corporate, social, and volunteer engagement activities for the firm.

Matt earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from American University. Despite being a Maryland native and current Virginia resident, Matt maintains his west-coast sports loyalties after spending his formidable years in LA. Although an injury and (self-acknowledged) physical shortcomings derailed his professional baseball dreams halfway through his collegiate career, Matt is still an avid fan and plays for multiple local softball teams. In the community, Matt is very active with several service organizations including S.O.M.E, the United Way, and particularly the USO where he serves as a director and volunteer of several programs for the Wounded Warriors at the military hospitals in the DC area. When the busy city life gets to be too much, Matt likes to escape by spending time at Deep Creek Lake boating, golfing, skiing, or just relaxing.