Luke Meixner


Luke earned the 2011 RGS President’s Award for his efforts both in support of his clients as well as work he did on numerous RGS corporate initiatives.  A “boomerang employee”, Luke began his RGS career in 2003 as a Senior Analyst, working with various Navy Logistics and CIO communities to strategically reduce the Department’s Information Technology (IT) footprint.  Returning to RGS after earning his MBA and a short stint in New York City, he most recently has played a vital role in creating and implementing bold IT-centric business operations strategies across the Navy for organizations such as the Financial Management Office, the Enterprise Integration and Analysis Office, and the Logistics IT Executive Committee.  Beyond his client responsibilities, Luke is a key member of the RGS strategic planning team and was integral to developing the 2012-2014 RGS Strategic Plan.

Luke earned his bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Originally from Upstate New York, he has spent most of his adult life taking advantage of the museums, restaurants, and parks of Washington, DC and considers this area to be his home (despite having met his wife, Sarah, during a post-graduate school stint in New York City). Luke and Sarah recently had a daughter, Sadie – a lifestyle adjustment that has diminished his ability to waste his weekends watching Premier League soccer from the comforts of his couch. That said, he is looking forward to continuing the natural progression from Saturdays spent playing amateur soccer to watching professional soccer to possibly coaching local youth soccer. Stay tuned for what Sadie thinks about that.