Jun Zhang

Senior Consultant

Jun graduated from Sichuan University and then attended Old Dominion University (ODU) where he earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science and PhD in Ecological Science. After earning his PhD, Jun began his career as a software developer to pay the bills. Since 1996, he spent the majority of his time working with UNIX systems and writing code using various languages to include C, C++, JavaScript, C#, and .Net applications. In 2012, Jun started working for the Department of Justice (DOJ) as a SharePoint Developer. In this capacity, Jun has leveraged his C#, JavaScript, and Python skills. In 2014, Jun joined the RGS Team where he has continued to use his programming skills and SharePoint expertise in support of the United States Marshals Service (USMS).

As a RGS SharePoint programmer, Jun has been recognized twice by the Prisoner Operations Division (POD) with Letters of Appreciation for his outstanding SharePoint support in the development of a Detention Management and Medical website. As direct result of Jun’s dedication, initiative, productivity, and outstanding teamwork, the entire POD Federal team has received multiple awards. Most recently, Jun’s USMS Team received the 2015 RGS Great Team Award.

When Jun is not solving programming mysteries or smashing programming bugs, he enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, and looking for and studying insects and other freshwater invertebrates. Currently, Jun is very busy picking mulberry leaves before and after work to feed the 200 hungry silkworms he is raising in his home; you can take the boy out of ecological science but you can’t take the curiosity out of the boy.