RGS Merges with USfalcon to Increase Opportunities and Offerings for our Customers

February 1, 2018 No Comments

USfalcon, Inc. (USfalcon) is pleased to announce our merger with RGS Associates, Inc. (RGS). USfalcon is a leading provider of national defense and security related management and engineering support services, primarily in the areas of Air Force Space, Cyber and Engineering Services, and Army Aviation. RGS is a leading provider of management consulting, human capital management, and information technology services to the Departments of Defense, Navy, Justice, Homeland Security, and numerous other civilian agencies.

The joining of the highly capable resources, experience, knowledge and management acumen of our leading-edge companies will provide a depth and breadth of capability across the DoD, the military services, and civilian agencies that is present, in general, only in significantly larger corporations.

USfalcon Chief Executive Officer, Zannie Smith, Major General, US Army, Retired, stated that “Our USfalcon team examined the valuable client relationships, technical expertise, quality staff members, and the synergy that would be created by our combined forces, and determined that this merger was in our best interest to pursue. After meeting with the RGS team, it was our shared values and commitment that impressed me the most, and made this merger an imperative in my mind.”