RGS to Assist NBIB with Stand-up and Change Management

September 19, 2016 No Comments

In January 2016, the Federal Government announced a series of changes to modernize and strengthen the way it conducts background investigations and protects sensitive data for Federal employees and contractors. These changes include establishing a new entity, the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB), that will concentrate on providing more effective and efficient background investigations.

RGS and our partner, K&P Consulting, Inc. (KPCI) were awarded a contract to support OPM with professional support services to assist with change management activities associated with standing up NBIB. The three year project will provide:

  • Assistance with developing strategic and operational plans and performance measures.
  • Alignment of strategy, processes, organization, and performance to budget in support of an integrated performance-based business model.
  • Development and implementation of effective communication strategies.